Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to Odds and Swevens!  This little shop has been living in my imagination for a while now, and I figured it was time to bring it into the realm of reality!

Sweven is an archaic Old English word for "dream or vision" and considering most of my work has an eyeball as the central trait, it seemed to fit.  More than that, though, I feel like my art is a way for me to express my own dreams and visions.

As an artist I've always been a bit quirky.  When people ask me, "Why eyeballs?" I typically just respond that it was something that popped into my head. 

Making art is my joy and my calm space but also where I can express my more whimsical side.  I hope you enjoy my work and that it can bring you some of what it brings to me :-)

I'll be using this space to periodically post thoughts, experimentation (mwahahaha) and videos!

See you around!

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